Brand Story

An exceptional and perfect brand | Living an Athleisure Lifestyle

easyoga, is a strong, consummate, and exceptionally fashionable sportwear leading brand, born in 2002. At the cutting edge of Technical Athletic Wear, Lifestyle Apparel, Professional Yoga Outfit and Equipment, our main inspiration is to utilize unique asymmetric tailoring to enhance comfort, durability and functionality.

We continue to help spread and develop the enthusiasm and influence that yoga and exercise has on our lives, also bearing environment and social implications of everything that we do in mind, in order to promote sustainability and ethical practices. With holding the highest standards in material quality and manufacturing methods, easyoga expects to overstep the traditional definitions of style and fashion, and bring about new ideals: Perfecting your life!

Our Brand Spirit

The chakra flower logo of easyoga delivers an important message to yoga, “perfecting your life”. This logo is formalized from crown chakra, the top one of chakras, and denotes the awakening our spiritual divinity, one which helps us maintain oneness or wholeness in our lives.

This logo is said to be elegant and molded to perfection, imitating, yet meticulously amalgamating the lotus, chrysanthemum, and houseleek flowers. It means to bring the natural elements and spiritual concepts to better one’s life.

Our Design

easyoga holds the highest standards in material quality and manufacturing methods while also concentrating on embodying comfortable and perfect design concepts. We believe that the beauty comes when it touches one’s mind and original aesthetic brings a new born gratification.

Our designs persist in the original energies rooted in simplicity and primitiveness. Our attitude to Lifestyle and Sport-trend is perfectly interpreted through our actual actions, constant storytelling, and quality merchandise that features the skin-sensitive and technical dry-fit performances. In this pursuit, easyoga aims to create the passionate innovation: The new concept of sports fashion in harmony with a mindful and balanced life.

Our Series

Our Series

● Moisture-Wicking  ● Comfortable Fit  ● Superior Technical
Suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels: from beginners to professional teachers.


● Organic Lifestyle  ● Loose Fit  ● Original Design
Features a more casual style and is suitable for wearing at home or at work.


● Versatile    ● Cozy Material   ●Highly Functional
Brings the freedom of yoga to other exercises and sports, such as, running, tennis and cycling.

Our Yoga Life

When it comes to brand value, we are more concerned with contributing to society and connecting people with nature. easyoga takes action towards achieving these goals though events such as Taipei Yoga Life Festival, Asia Yoga Conference, Yogafest Yokohama and Yogaweekend. and working with Gurus for workshops and lectures, geared toward promoting YOGA and the LOHAS lifestyle. Through these events, we hope to help people develop much deeper and richer states of happiness and love.

Our Green Project – Fighting for the planet with 1% for the planet

Our Green Project – Fighting for the planet with 1% for the planet

An important part of doing business today involves environmental responsibility. easyoga has taken the initiative to become a leader in environmental protection by donating 1% of every purchase made by its consumers to charity to help promote the advancement of sustainable lifestyles and developments.

Asian Classics Input Project

Near the end of 2009, easyoga worked together with ACIP to break away from traditional fundraising methods. easyoga designed a modern, commemorative co-branded T-shirt, from which a portion of the proceeds were given to the association in an effort to successfully preserve some of yoga’s most important cultural relics.

Our Vision

easyoga constantly works towards promoting social responsibility as an important factor in everyday life. A business must face its own brand image and realize how much influence it can hold in the world and how it can be used to create value and worth beyond just the price tag. When people identify with easyoga, they identify not only with our brand, but with our ideals and values of protecting the world from harm, and moving forward with sustainability.