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Fashion Designer

Babette Krogh was born in Zambia, she is a Norwegian national living in Oslo, Norway.

Babette has spent a large part of her life travelling the World, while adapting to and learning from many different cultures.  Babette speaks Norwegian, English and German.

Babette is active by nature, exercising, hiking and sporting activities and wellness has always been a large part of Babette’s lifestyle. Babette has practiced Ashtanga Yoga for almost 16 years and has had a daily Mysore style practice for 10 years. Yoga is a core part of Babette’s life and foundation for her happiness.

Babette has several Yoga classes and clients, ranging from beginner Ashtanga Yoga classes to Ashtanga Yoga Led and Yin Yoga classes.  She instructs at Puro Yoga, Oslo, Norway (, Life Style Senter at Fornebu Porten as well as holding privat classes at different locations in Oslo.

Babette teaches Yoga weekly at Ila Prison, Oslo, Norway. To Babette these teachings brings Yoga full circle.  Most prisoners suffers complex traumatic experiences early on in life and these traumas affect what they do, and often land them in prison. For Babette Yoga becomes a tool for reinstating the prisoners with their bodies to restore the connection between mind, heart and body.  By putting them back in touch with their bodies, they begin to care more about themselves and yoga being a tool for rehabilitation and happiness.

Many teachers have inspired Babette’s Yoga lifestyle.  Pernille Bønkan was Babette’s first instructor and still is. Puro Yoga in Oslo is Babette’s second home and over the years Alexander Medin, Astrid Holte Østbye, Astrid Riddervold and Kajsa Finnstrom has played a key role in developing Babette’s Yoga life and practice. At Puro Yoga, Babette completed her Teacher Training Foundation course with Alexander Medin.

Babette travels regularly to India and has had the pleasure of being tutored at KPJAYI in Mysore. While travelling and while in Norway many teachers have been of immense inspiration to Babette; Ratesh Mani, Matt Corigliano, Manuel Ferreira, John Scott, Tarik van Prehn, Sharath Rangaswamy Jois and last but not least Saraswathi Jois.

Facebook is an integrated part of Babette´s Yoga network and Babette publishes many yoga and health related articles and photos.

Yoga gear is Babette’s daily wear and easyoga is her brand of choice.  Babette has always been interested in sportswear and has experience from wearing most leading yoga brands.

Babette´s lifestyle blends wearing sportswear while practicing and while leisure.

“Easyoga wear makes the difference and I just love the quality, colors, design and business concept”
– Babette